Hassle-free shopping at fixed price shops in Sanur

I absolutely love shopping in Bali. There’s nothing like picking up a bargain and something that I love, but haggling, bartering and dodging the ladies who follow you get tiring. The constant ‘how much is this?’ and the inevitable 20-minute battle in the heat that follows makes me just sweat thinking about it. For these … Read more

Should you stay in Sanur or Kuta, Bali

Planning a holiday to Bali is an opportunity to explore different destinations on the island. Two of the most popular locations to choose from are Sanur or Kuta. Each location offers a different Bali experience, depending on your tastes. Sanur, located along Bali’s southeastern coast, offers a peaceful retreat with its calm beaches and a … Read more

The best Sanur Travel Guide in 2024

Sanur Cover guide

Welcome to the ultimate Sanur travel guide, your go-to companion for exploring our favourite place in Bali. This guidebook features must-visit spots that make Sanur a beloved destination for travellers. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a returning adventurer, let this comprehensive guide be your passport to an unforgettable experience in Sanur. Sanur, Bali, stands … Read more

10 Best things to do in Sanur with kids

Sanur, Bali, is not known for its entertainment options. It’s more known for its slower pace than other areas in Bali. That said, it is ideal for families with kids. There is less traffic, the beach is shallow and calm, and some excellent accommodation choices exist. When you visit Sanur with kids, you will find … Read more

The best 5 day Sanur itinerary

Bali is a destination that is on everyone’s bucket list. The island is known for its lush landscapes, pristine beaches, and rich cultural heritage. While most travellers flock to popular destinations like Seminyak, Kuta, and Ubud, Sanur on the southeast coast of Bali is a hidden gem that offers a more laid-back and authentic Balinese … Read more