The best Sanur Travel Guide in 2024

Welcome to the ultimate Sanur travel guide, your go-to companion for exploring our favourite place in Bali. This guidebook features must-visit spots that make Sanur a beloved destination for travellers. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a returning adventurer, let this comprehensive guide be your passport to an unforgettable experience in Sanur.

Sanur, Bali, stands out as our preferred spot in Bali. It offers a more laid-back atmosphere than its bustling counterparts, such as Seminyak, Kuta, or Canggu. Situated along the eastern coast, its beach provides a peaceful contrast to the lively surf beaches found elsewhere on the island. 

Despite its relaxed vibes, which may not appeal to everyone, I find its serene ambience captivating. Having been to Sanur many times, I’ve gained an intimate understanding of its charm and nuances.

We’re excited to share our insights and experiences through this comprehensive travel guide, addressing all your enquiries to help you plan the perfect getaway to Sanur in Bali. Let’s dive in and discover the hidden gems of this tranquil paradise together!

The best time to visit Sanur and other spots in Bali, Indonesia, is during the dry season, which runs from May to September. During this time, the weather is generally sunny with low humidity, making it perfect for outdoor activities such as walking, swimming, snorkelling, and lying by the pool.

April and October shoulder seasons can also be good times to visit Sanur, as the weather is still pleasant but with fewer crowds. Pack your suitcase and book your flights for one of the best periods to visit attractions such as Bali Zoo, Waterbom, and the Monkey Forest.

However, if you don’t mind the occasional rain shower, visiting Sanur during the wet season from October to March can also have advantages. The lush greenery and cooler temperatures can be refreshing, but ensure you have a waterproof bag and umbrella for your outings in case of a downpour.

It’s worth noting that Bali is a popular tourist destination, and the peak season for tourism is from June to August. Planning your visit outside these months is best if you prefer to avoid crowds and higher prices.

Where to stay in Sanur

When we visit Sanur, we always try to stay in different places to get a feel for other parts of Sanur. Here are our top recommendations and dream stays:

hotel Jati Sanur
The type of budget room you will find in Sanur at Hotel Jati
  • Budget: Hotel Jati Sanur offers rooms under AUD 50 per night, including breakfast. The hotel also has a pool, restaurant and shop.
  • Mid-range: I liked our stay at Parigata Resort and Spa. It’s a short walk from the main street and the beach and has a pool, spa, and restaurant on-site.
  • Luxurious: Maya Sanur is my top pick. Every time I walked past it, I got jealous!

You can read our guides on the best places to stay on Sanur Beach, the best hotels near Sanur Beach, and the Best Villas in Sanur.

For more accommodation options in Sanur Bali, click through to our places to stay page or search Agoda or Luxury Escapes.

How do you get around Sanur Bali?

Sanur is very walkable, and its central area is one of the smallest in Bali. You can easily walk from one end of Danau Tamblingan to another in about one hour.

There is also a 6-kilometre-long beach path in Sanur for easy access to hotels, restaurants, and cafes on the beach. For more options, you can use the following:

Sanur travel guide – things to know

Let’s start this Sanur travel guide with these general Sanur travel tips to make your trip even better:

Getting from the airport to Sanur

The Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport in Denpasar is 14 Kilometers from Sanur. There are several options to get you to Sanur from the airport.

The Grab Lounge, car ride services at Bali Airport -Sanur Travel Guide -
The Grab Lounge at Bali Airport
  • Your Hotel will most likely offer this service at a premium price.
  • You can book a transfer through places like Kdday, Klook or Viator.
  • Bali Travel Times, you can arrange a local driver, such as Putu. He will wait in the arrivals terminal holding a card with your name on it.
  • You can go to the Grab lounge, and they will arrange a car to pick you up.
  • You can get a taxi outside the airport.

SIM card for Sanur

Opting for a local SIM card can make your time in Sanur much easier. With a sim, you can order a car from Grab and food from Gokek; you can even use WhatsApp to organise laundry to pick up and wash your clothes.

You will find some options for getting a SIM card in Bali.

  • Several places are selling SIM cards at the airport arrivals hall.
  • On Danau Tamblingen, places such as MM Cellular, Anggi Cell, and Sim will have you up and running. Prices vary from $10 to $20, depending on whether you want data or data and calls.
  • You can contact Andy Awesome on Facebook, who will come to your hotel and set up your phone with the sim. We have used and recommend this service.
  • You can buy sims from websites like Klook that will be delivered to your hotel.

Money Matters

The official currency of Indonesia is the Indonesian Rupiah. We recommend you bring a mix of cash and cards to use in Bali. You will find ATMs and Money Changers all over Sanur. Be aware that most ATMs only allow you to withdraw a maximum of 2-3 million Rupiah ($200-$300 Australian) at a time.

A commonwealth ATM in Sanur Indonesia on Danua Tamblingen
A Commonwealth ATM on Jalan Danua Tamblingen.

Not all money changers in Bali are honest, so always count the money after it’s handed to you and never return it to the money changer. We recommend the following money changers:

  • Pt. Monica Sejahtera ( opposite Artasandara supermarket in Sanur )
  • PT Bali Maspintjinra ( opposite Massinmos )

Don’t be fooled by great exchange rates. If it seems too good to be true, it usually is, meaning you run the chance of getting ripped off.


Bartering and Bali go hand in hand when shopping (not in supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, etc.). However, bartering can be confronting and overwhelming for many who have not done it before. 

A fixed price shop in Sanur, a lady standing out the front of here store
Look for the fixed price sign on stores.

The best way to be prepared is to determine the prices of the items you want. Go to a fixed-price shop or ask in some Bali Facebook groups.

Go in with an amount in mind and stick to your guns. Pretend to walk away if you can’t get the price you want. If they want the sale, they won’t let you leave.

You can avoid all this by visiting fixed-priced shops such as Artasendana and Jenys at Sindhu Beach Market.

Tipping in Sanur

Tipping is not mandatory in Indonesia, but a 10% service tax is added to the bill for hotels and restaurants. If you receive good service, tipping in Sanur is always appreciated, as staff in Indonesia have low incomes.

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Drinking Water in Sanur

Drinking tap water in Bali is not recommended. The water contains bacteria that Western stomachs are not used to and can cause Bali Belly. If you become ill, call Dr. Ari on WhatsApp at +62 8123954567.

Your hotel and places like Circle K sell water in sizes ranging from 600 ml to 10 litres. A good tip is to put a freezer bag over the tap in your hotel room to remind you not to wash your teeth with tap water.

The ice in Bali is now government-regulated, so you can comfortably enjoy your ice-cold drink.

Bali Checklist

Things to do in Sanur Bali

Visitors thinking about what to do in Sanur might be tempted to chill by the pool and enjoy some tasty food the whole time. But this guide is here to show you that there’s a lot more to see and do. I’ll share some of Sanur’s most incredible spots and activities to ensure you have a fun trip.

Visit Sanur beaches

Sanur Beach is like a postcard come to life. It’s not just any beach. It has soft, golden sand, gentle waves lapping at the shore, and the sound of palm trees swaying in the breeze.

fantastic view of Sanur Beach in Indonesia, featuring the golden sands, azure waters, and a clear blue sky with a few scattered clouds and sand beds
The beautiful sandy Sanur Beach.

Sanur’s coastline forms a continuous stretch of sandy beaches, yet each section is uniquely identified by its name. The renowned Sanur Beach, Cemara Beach, Sembawang Beach, and Sindhu Beach are among them. Sanur’s beaches cater to a wide range of preferences, ensuring a perfect spot for every beach enthusiast to enjoy. On Sanur Beach, you can do

  • Watersports such as paddleboarding, kayaking, banana boating, and tube rides
  • Go Fishing
  • Hire Electric bikes
  • Go swimming and sunbathing
  • Eat at beach restaurants
  • Have a cocktail or coffee at Sunar Beach Bars.
  • Visit a turtle Conservation Centre.
  • Do Yoga

Sanur Beach is full of things to do and unique places to stay.

Get a day pass

Check out these hotels in Sanur that offer a day pass. With this pass, you can use their pool and have a little holiday within your holiday! It’s a great way to spend time at a beachfront hotel without spending a fortune.

The ppol side area at Griya Santrian in Sanur
The poolside area at Griya Santrian.
  • Andaz By Hyatt offers access to a 40-metre ocean-facing infinity pool, a children’s pool, a resort pool, restaurants and a bar, and sunbeds and umbrellas. Costs: Adult IDR 500,00; Child IDR 250,000
  • The Griya  Santrian Day Pass includes pool access, a free shower and towel, free access to the gym, wifi, and a credit voucher worth IDR 150.000 for food and beverage consumption at Starfish Beach Lounge. Costs: DR 175.000 nett/person/day

We have an ultimate guide on 32 of the best things to do in Sanur

Walk along the beach.

The beachfront path stretches from North Sanur around the harbour area to South Sanur past the Mercure Hotel. The path was redone in late 2022 and into 2023 to make it more comprehensive, smoother, and user-friendly for walkers, joggers, and bike riders. The path stretches for around 6 kilometres and takes in all the best beaches in Sanur.

See the sunrise

Sanur is known for its amazing sunrises. Get up around 5:30 and be on the beach by 6 a.m. The sun will rise over Nusa Penida in the distance and dance with the blue water as it rises higher in the sky.

Amazing sunrises await every morning in Sanur.

Places like Kuta and Seminyak are renowned for their sunsets, but you can catch a sunset in Sanur. To see a sunset, find an elevated position, such as the Maya Resort or the Artotel roof bar.

Go shopping in Sanur

Sanur is not as well known for its shopping as other parts of Bali. But those who underestimate the shopping scene in Sanur will undoubtedly miss out.

racks of clothes at Artasedana department store in Sanur
Shopping in Sanur

Along Danau Tamblingan and JI Cemara, you will find plenty of small boutiques, gift stores, and other stores selling locally produced goods.

The Artasedana Apartment store offers a range of products, while the Western-style Icon Beach Mall features international brands such as Footlocker, Pandora, and Marks and Spencer.

Markets in Sanur

Sanur has several markets, including the Sindhu Beach Market, Baruna Beach Market, the Sindhu Night and Morning Market, and the Art Market. 

shops in the beach market in Sanur Bali
The Beach Market in Sanur is a popular.

The Sindhu Beach, Baruna Beach, and the Art Market sell typical things tourists like to buy in Bali, like fake designer handbags, wall art, T-shirts, and souvenirs.

The Night Market is food-only; many tourists come here in the evening looking for cheap eats. While the morning market is a fresh food market, local businesses purchase fruit, vegetables, and fresh meats. You can also find household products, offerings, and breakfast fast foods.

Try the food in Sanur

Sanur has a robust culinary scene featuring a mixture of high-class restaurants at resorts and hotels and international cuisine, including Japanese, Mexican, and Indian.

Indonesian cuisine on display at a local eatery in Sanur
There is a wide variety of food available in Sanur.

Local restaurants such as La Playa, The Wicked Parrot, and Massiomos are all favourites in Sanur. For more local food, try food from Warungs. A warung is a small, family-owned business or eatery commonly found in Sanur. 

Warung Rainbow and Warung Rib are stand-out places to eat in Sanur. For a taste of the local street food, head to Sindu Night Market, where small stalls will sell you some of the best-tasting food in Sanur, Bali, Indonesia.

Do a cooking class

Want to learn how to cook traditional Indonesian food? The amazing Warung Rainbow on Jalan Danau Tamblingen should be your first stop. The team at Warung Rainbow offers small group cooking classes with two people at a minimum.

The class includes a welcome drink and some traditional food to try before you work towards cooking your lunch. Call into Warung Rainbow at Jl. Danau Tamblingan No.154 to book,

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Play Pickleball

Pickleball is quite a popular sport worldwide these days. Sanur is no exception, offering visitors pickleball opportunities. Pickleball is a paddle sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis. In Sanur, visitors can head to Liga Sanur and Sanur Padel Club.

Where to eat and drink in Sanur

Check out our article on 11 great restaurants in Sanur or another guide on 9 of the best places to eat breakfast in Sanur. In the meantime, here are some excellent all-around picks to get you started dining in Sanur.

having smoothie bowls at Costa by Monsta
Brealfast on the beach at Monsta by Costa
  • Warung Rainbow has friendly staff and affordable Indonesian food. It is the type of place you would expect to see Anthony Bourdain sitting.
  • Have a hunger for pizza. Head to Pizza Goo for some of the best pizza in Bali.
  • Monsta by Costa on the Beach has some of the best smoothie bowls in Sanur. The standout was the banana-peanut butter smoothie bowl.
  • Yes, the gelato at Massimo is out of this world. With an ever-changing menu of daily flavours, you will be back time and time again.
  • Bulls Coffee has some of the best coffee in Sanur. So be ready to grab a Cap, a latte or a signature iced coffee such as the French Float or Snow Breeze Crea,

Make a day trip

Sanur is an excellent location for your holiday. With so many exciting day trip options, Sanur is an ideal base for exploring the wonders of Bali beyond its shores.

a day trip from Sanur to Nusa Penida Island
We made many memories on our Nusa Penida Day Tour,
  • We did a day trip to Nusa Lembongan with Klook. The tour included all the major sites, such as Kelingking Beach, Broken Beach, and Crystal Bay.
  • See the sunrise over a volcano from the slopes of Mt. Batur. It was one of the most memorable Bali experiences we have ever had.
  • Take a day trip to Uluwatu and see the Kecak Fire Dance.
  • Go to Ubud and visit the market, rice fields, waterfalls, and the monkey forest.
  • Rent a private driver and make your day trip. Visit the beach in Canggu or the water palace in Tirta Ganga. It’s entirely up to you.
  • Find the best Bali day tours with Klook, Viator, and Kdday.

Attend the Sanur Village Festival

The Sanur Village Festival is an annual cultural event in Sanur, Bali. It showcases the region’s rich cultural heritage through various activities, including traditional performances, art exhibitions, culinary experiences, and sporting events.

It provides an excellent insight for holidaymakers to enjoy local cuisine, watch dance performances, and participate in workshops and yoga, making it a memorable experience for locals and tourists alike.

Also, look out for the annual Bali Kite Festival, held in July every year in Sanur and other areas of Bali.

Relax at a spa

Day spas and massage parlours are big businesses in Sanur, Bali. If you want to be pampered, the spa at the Maya Resort offers treatments inspired by the area’s tranquillity. You do not have to be staying there to book a treatment. 

Angel Spa shop in Sanur
There are plenty of day spas in Sanur to choose from.

Your hotel may even have a day spa. Hotels like the Parigata, Segara Village, Prime Plaza Suites, and Oasis 101, to name a few, have on-site day spas.

You can go to one of the many shops on Danau Tamblingan, such as Angel Spa, The Nest Boutique Spa, or Koa Shala, or have someone come to your hotel room for a message.

What to do in Sanur at night

Sanur nightlife isn’t as electric as the beach clubs in Canggu. But here are some options:

  • Enjoy live music at The White Orchid or Nessa Combi.
  • Have a drink at the roof Bar at the Maya Hotel and Artotel.
  • Try the craft beer and watch sporting events at the Sanur Beer Garden.
  • Enjoy happy hour at many places, including Three Monkeys, The Tree Bar and Forketta.

Sanur Tourist Guide – Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, Mark and Bec from Things to Do in Sanur will answer some of the most popular Google questions about Sanur.

Is Sanur a good area in Bali?

Yes, Sanur is a great area to stay in Bali, especially for couples and families. There is not so much for young people to do. With its white sand beach (complete with a walking path), bustling food scene, and an array of bars, it is well worth a look.

Essentials for travel to Sanur Bali

Is Sanur too quiet?

Sanur will be too quiet for many young visitors to Bali who are looking for an active nightlife scene with bars and nightclubs.

Are Sanur Beaches Clean?

Unlike the island’s west side, which suffers from rubbish on the beaches, Sanur has no such problem. Local workers are out on the beach at 6 a.m. every morning, cleaning up trash on the sand. Sanur beaches are spotless.

Stalls lined up at Sanur Morning Market
I am exploring the morning market at Sanur.

Which is better: Ubud or Sanur?

Sanur is one of the quieter areas in Bali, while Ubud is one of the busiest areas. Ubud is well known for its yoga, rice terraces, and spiritual community, while in Sanur, you will find more of a mix of retirees and young families who love the beach life. No one area, Sanur or Ubud, is better; it is just a personal choice, and our choice is Sanur.

Is it better to stay in Kuta or Sanur?

Kuta is just the spot to holiday with Australians while watching the AFL and eating chicken parmigiana. It is also for you if you like dealing with pushy shop owners, overpriced shops, and a loud, pumping nightlife scene.

If you want a quieter, more peaceful vibe, Sanur is the best choice for your holiday in Bali, Indonesia.

How many days do you need in Sanur?

There is no correct amount of time for us; for you, it could be a few days or weeks. If it’s your first time in Sanur, we recommend a three- or five-day itinerary to get a feel for it and see if you like it. Sanur is not to everyone’s liking.

Please read our article on the best 5-day Sanur itinerary.

Which part of Sanur is best?

Sanur’s best part is its southern end, where JI Danau Tamblingan meets JI Cemara and JI Danau Paso. On this end, there are endless choices of places to eat, shop, and stay. 

Can you walk around Sanur?

Sanur is very walkable, with footpaths on the streets and a beach walking path. I’ve spent weeks and months walking around Sanur. 

a teenage girl strolling along the sidewalk in Sanur.
Sanur is walkable, but always be aware of dangers.

You need to be aware and always look out, as the footpaths in sections are less than perfect and certainly not wheelchair-friendly. Sanur is a safe place to walk around at night.

Is it better to stay in Seminyak or Sanur?

Deciding between Sanur and Seminyak is about personal taste. If you crave a laid-back, enchanting, and genuine atmosphere, Sanur is the place for you! However, if you’re drawn to nightlife, surfing, and a livelier vibe, Seminyak is the ideal choice. 

You can always visit both areas. Travelling from Sanur to Seminyak, located on opposite coasts of Bali, takes between 30 and 40 minutes.

What is the main street in Sanur?

Many consider Jalan Danau Tablingan the main street of Sanur. Other notable streets in Sanur include JI Cemara, Danu Paso, and Danau Toba, which all run off JI Danau Tamblingan.

Is it safe to swim at Sanur Beach?

Sanur Beach is one of the safest beaches in Bali, and you can swim there. Facing east, it is protected from ocean swells by Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan in the distance.

Panoramic view of the beachfront at Andaz Sanur resort in Indonesia
Swimming on Sanur Beach is safe.

This mostly shallow sandy-bottomed beach is popular with families because of its calm and safe conditions for swimming.

Is Sanur a nice area?

Sanur is lovely if you like friendly people, charming hotels, palm trees on the beach, a nice breeze, plenty of food options, and reasonable prices.

Is Sanur suitable for families?

Sanur is quieter and less busy than other parts of Bali. The beach is safer for kids to swim than Kuta, Seminyak, or Legian. You will find playgrounds on the beach near the Mercure and Segara Village hotels. There are resorts with kids’ clubs, so our kids have always enjoyed their time in Sanur.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog post about Sanur Bali! We hope you found it informative and helpful when planning your trip to this beautiful region. If you’re looking for more information about things to do in Sanur, recommendations for places to eat, or where to go from Sanur, be sure to check out our website.

Our team is dedicated to providing you with the most up-to-date and accurate information to make your holiday planning, from choosing hotels on and off the beach to scooter rental, as smooth as possible. Once again, thank you for reading, and we hope our articles continue to be a valuable resource for your travel plans.

Things to do in Sanur

Things to do in Sanur and its content is created by two Australians who have been to Sanur many times. We have enjoyed food and drink on the beach, we have sipped coffee on Jalan Danau Tamblingan. We have stayed in homestays and hotels in Sanur and made day trips to see the best of Bali. Not only that, but we aim to keep the information fresh by continuing to visit Sanur and getting first-hand information off our Balinese friends.

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